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Reporting a Claim

When you have a claim, you should report it as soon as possible to your insurance agent or directly to your insurance company. For all claims reported, you will need the insuredís name, address, date of loss, policy number and a phone number where you can be reached. A police report should be obtained if applicable.

For auto claims, be sure to get full information on the other party involved including name of insured, their insurance company or agent, address and phone number.

For storm damage to your home, be sure to take measures necessary to prevent further damage such as temporary coverage of roof or window damage. Cost of this temporary protection will be added to claim coverage cost.

For reporting directly to your insurance company:

State Auto - 800-766-1853 or on line at

Auto glass claims - 888-504-4527 ext. 4154

For a towing bill - fax to 888-999-8095

Westfield - 866-937-2663 or e-mail

Auto glass claims - 800-810-3665

Roadside assistance - 877-787-9078

Progressive - 800-274-4499

Roadside assistance - 888-776-2778

Commercial vehicles - 800-876-5581

Foremost - 800-527-3907

Municipal Mutual - 800-852-5416

Grinnell Mutual - 877-467-2252

Sandy & Beaver - 800-421-4693

Hagerty - 888-310-8020

Ohio Fair Plan - 800-282-1772

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