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Did You know . . .

In Ohio it is illegal to drive any motor vehicle without insurance or other financial responsibility coverage. It is also illegal for any motor vehicle owner to allow anyone else to drive the owner's vehicle without insurance coverage.

When you apply for a driver license, renewal, permit or register a vehicle you are required to sign a form that acknowledges that you will not drive without insurance or other financial responsibility coverage. The mail in application also includes a similar statement for you to sign and return. Even if you don't own a vehicle but have a driver's license, you need insurance.

Options are: - Financial Responsibility Bond which has minimal liability coverage and may not be adequate coverage in other states.

- Non-owner Auto Insurance which has liability coverage comparable to regular auto owners insurance.


Did You know . . .

Your homeowner insurance won't cover your property for flooding.

Flooding can happen even if you are not near water. It doesn't take a major body of water, or even a major storm, to cause a flood. Anything from a broken sewer line to a slow moving rainstorm can cause flooding. Many people think they don't need flood insurance because the federal disaster assistance will bail them out. But floods are not always declared a federal disaster area. And even when they are, aid is usually in the form of a loan which must be paid back with interest.


Did you know . . .

When in an automobile accident what you need to do.

When involved in an auto accident, don't depend on getting your information from the police report because it may take two weeks or more before that report is available. In the meantime you may be without a vehicle or medical expenses that need to be paid. Be sure to write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of those involved in or witnessing the accident. Also write down the insurance company names and preferably the insurance agent's name and phone number. Don't admit fault or discuss your insurance coverage with anyone but the police, your agent and your insurance company


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