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Personal Insurance:

Homeowner/Mobile Homeowner - provides liability insurance and property damage protection from perils such as lightning, fire, wind, vandalism, theft.

Tenant insurance - a form of Homeowner insurance for people who rent.

Landlord insurance - provides liability and property protection for rental property.

Auto insurance - required by state law for all drivers whether or not they own a vehicle.

Ohio minimum coverage is liability at a minimum rate of $12,500 per person and $25,000 per accident with $7,500 property damage liability. Can include campers and trailers.

Antique vehicle insurance - provides lower cost coverage for collectors vehicles used for limited personal driving, auto shows or club events.

Watercraft - Provides physical damage and liability protection for personal watercraft.

Motorcycle/Off road vehicle - Provides liability and physical damage coverage tailored to type of vehicle and usage.

Umbrella coverage - provides extra liability protection over and above the liability provided on insured's home and auto policies.


Business/Commercial Insurance:

Commercial insurance will provide a secure protection program tailored to your specific business including: auto service, churches, contractors, distributors, habitational, manufacturing, mercantile, office, restaurants and service businesses. Some of the businesses we insure include:

- auto repair/service - churches - logging

- funeral homes - building contractors - taverns

- apartment owners - Home Health agencies - carry-outs

- hospitals - government entities - internet providers

- lawn service - pizza parlors - used car dealers


Farm Insurance:

Protects you against specific losses or damage to your property, including your residence, personal property, barns and outbuildings, and farm personal property. I also provides liability coverage, with medical payments to others automatically included. Coverage is also available for losses to farm animals by electrocution, attack by other animals, accidental shooting, drowning, fire, loading and unloading accidents and flood.


License & Permit bonds - Protects against lack of compliance with applicable governmental codes.

Probate/Fiduciary bonds - Written for Executors, Administrators, Guardians, Trustees of Estates to protect an estate against improprieties of a fiduciary.

Public Official - Guarantees the official's honesty and faithful performance of duties.


Notary bonds - Filed with governmental body, with filing fee, after applicant has signed both bond and oath of office, with signatures properly notarized.

Fidelity bonds - Covers employee dishonesty or acts of forgery or alteration by

non-employees. Requires audit procedures and controls on bank accounts.

Court/Judicial - Required by litigants to enable a plaintiff to start legal action or to enable defense of an action.

ERISA/Pension - Provides compliance with federal law requiring employee dishonesty coverage to protect assets of retirement plans from theft by the trustees of the plan.

Miscellaneous Bonds - Nature of the obligation determines the exposure such as Utilities, Lost Securities, Wage and Welfare bonds.

Youth Sports and Camps:

Amateur Sports - Provides accident insurance for players, coaches, managers and liability for team amateur sports teams and leagues.

Sports Camps - Provides coverage for injuries for campers, supervisors and coaches while attending amateur sports camps and clinics.

Group Activity - Provides accident coverage for members, leaders, and committee persons while participating in or attending any regularly approved and supervised activity.

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